About Us

Crypto Debit Processor, Inc. is a new company that provides payment processing solutions on a B2B platform by allowing their customers to accept payment in the form of cryptocurrencies. Based out of Canada, we cater to merchants in the marketplace who wish to expand their roster of accepted forms of payment to accommodate the next generation of in-person payment processing.

Our Story

The Crypto Debit Machine is a product conceived in the age of technology and designed with vision of being able to adapt to the ever changing needs of the consumer. Since 2016, the cryptocurrency market has increased 72% within Canada alone. With Millions of Canadians owning crypto currency stored in their Crypto Wallet on their personal hand held device, the time for innovation in the marketplace is now. Merchants and retailers of brick-and-mortar businesses have witnessed a decline of in-store sales in recent years and are searching for solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Enter Crypto Debit Machine! A device for merchant's who wish to thrive in the age of technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have our Crypto Debit Machine in the hands of every merchant and retailer across Canada as we guide the next wave of businesses into a new era of processing acquisitions via secure transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Are you ready to take the next step?